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Tribute Evening
20th February 2011

Following a weekend of tributes to Reverend and Mrs Brodie, the Shul Hall was packed on Sunday evening with more than 250 members who had come to listen to Reverend Brodie tell his story, from childhood to date.

Reverend Brodie and the Chief Rabbi - Photo by Howard Gordon PhotographyThe weekend started with the visit of the Chief Rabbi to Stenecourt to join us for davenning. He took the opportunity to unveil a plaque commemorating the foundation of a Testimonial Fund in the names of Reverend and Mrs Brodie to benefit children in Manchester who suffer from life threatening illnesses, and are cared for by Camp Simcha. The Chief Rabbi in a moving address,Reverend Brodie and David Caplan looking at the plaque - Photo by Howard Gordon Photography paid tribute to the 66 years of dedicated service given by Reverend and Mrs Brodie to our Community.

On Shabbos morning, the Service was enhanced by having the Netzach Minyan and the Youth Minyan join in the davenning, which was further enhanced by having Rabbi Yehuda Brodie address his Father on this momentous occasion.

On Sunday the entire community had been invited to join Reverend and Mrs Brodie and their family at a reception to honour the incredible achievement of leading our community for more than 66 years.

David Caplan spoke about the depth of love and affection which the entire community feels for Reverend and Mrs Brodie, and how this evening was intended to begin to show them the respect in which we hold them. He pointed out how they have always shunned the koved which they so richly deserve, and have chosen, in their magnanimous fashion to ensure that other people benefit from their Simcha, by insisting that the Testimonial be donated to Camp Simcha in their names.

A beautiful buffet was served to the guests, after which Reverend Brodie began his interview with Mrs Ros Livshin.

Reverend Brodie and Ros Livshin - Photo by Howard Gordon PhotographyDuring the interview Reverend Brodie spoke of his journey from Bratislava to Manchester, telling many moving, as well as amusing anecdotes on the way. His memory of events and characters was astonishing, and the whole interview, illustrated by a Power Point Presentation of photographs showing many aspects of Reverend Brodies home town and family, reallyPhoto by Howard Gordon Photography hit home to the spellbound audience.

Not a whisper could be heard as the entire audience listened for two hours as Reverend Brodie revealed stories from his past that even his own family had not heard.

The interview ended with the moving story of how he had been reunited with his Grandfathers Becher so many yearsReverend and Mrs Brodie with some of their great grandchildren - Photo by Howard Gordon Photography after it had been left behind in Czechoslovakia during the war.

Following this, Neville Goldschneider the Chief Executive of Camp Simcha UK showed a film about the amazing work performed by Camp Simcha volunteers, and explained how any donations given to the Testimonial Fund would be used to benefit children in Manchester.

Rabbi Dr Julian Shindler, then addressed Reverend and Mrs Brodie and paid further tribute to their amazing work over the last 66 years.

Reverend and Mrs Brodie with their sons - Photo by Howard Gordon PhotographyThe whole evening was captured on a DVD by Howard Gordon, copies of which are available to order though the Shul office at £10/copy, and a commemorative brochure was produced. This is also available through the Shul office.

The entire weekend was an incredible success, with Reverend and Mrs Brodie being grateful to share the weekend with their two families, the Brodie Family, and their extended Stenecourt Family, and our community being grateful to them for sharing not only their story, but also their friendship with us for so many years.

More photos by Howard Gordon Photograhy taken on this wonderful evening can be seen by clicking the photo below

Photos by Howard Gordon Photography - click here to view photo album of this tremendous event

Howard Gordon PhotographyHoward Gordon Photography


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 Shabbat Korach

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