SOS - Stenecourt Operation Survivor - Relaunch


SOS - Stenecourt Operation Survivor

For many years our community has financially supported a number of families who were the victims of terror in Israel. The SOS fund has been making regular payments through ongoing contact with these families. Over the years these families have grown up and they no longer need our help.

It has been decided to re-launch the SOS fund so that we can continue with the original principle of financially helping people in Israel. We have made contact with an organisation in Israel called ONE FAMILY - they assess the needs in terms of a realistic financial figure of many needy families. They have introduced us to two families who desperately need financial help and these families will be receiving help from us for the next year. The situations of the families will be assessed regularly and after the first year it will be decided if these people continue to need our help, or if our donations will be given to other equally needy families.

The organisation we are using is called One Family UK.
Click the image below to go to ONE FAMILY UK website
to find out more about this amazing organisation.

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Below is a little information about the families who we will be helping:-

1st Recipient

This soldier very seriously injured on July 31, 2014. He was called up to serve in Operation Protective Edge. He was a medic in Battalion 53 of tanks 188. He was part of the first group of forces whose objective was to be the first stop of the injured and then send them on. He was caught in the mortar attack on the gathering place of the soldiers in Kibbutz Beeri. In this attack 5 soldiers were killed and He was severely wounded. He was injured in his head and taken unconscious to the ICU at Hadassah Ein Karem. After countless treatments and surgeries he regained consciousness. But he continued to suffer from intracranial swelling and from the shrapnel left in his head he began again to bleed in his brain and lost consciousness. He is now in Beit Levinstein in Raanana. He suffers from severe seizures and is not fully reactive.

His mother, is divorced and has two other children. She lives in Kfar Yonah. Her daughter is married with three children and also lives in Kfar Yonah. Her son is married with two children and lives in Kedumim. The father also lives in Kfar Yonah.

Since the divorce, She has been the sole supporter of the family. She works privately as a clinician in alternative and holistic care.

Since her son has been injured, she has not left his side and therefore been unable to work. She is now unable to continue to pay the family’s regular expenses and cannot cover the additional expenses she has surrounding him. She is a very warm and loving woman but the additional stress of the continuing and rising debt does not allow her any peace of mind.

2nd Recipient

On September 9, 2003, when she was a 17-year-old high school senior, she survived a suicide bombing outside Café Hillel. She suffered a crushed jaw in the attack, and the main vein of her leg was punctured by shrapnel. Her right hand was crushed, she was hit by shrapnel throughout her body, and suffered nerve damage in her back and intestinal area.

Since the attack, she has developed serious difficulties with digestion, including strong pains, and needs special organic food she can digest more easily. She cannot open her mouth wide enough to ingest or chew solid food, and eats only purees or liquefied food. She has developed celiac disease as a result of her physical injuries, and now can’t eat any grains. In addition, the physical trauma of the attack led to a disruption in her nervous, digestive and anatomic systems. She is now allergic to almost all conventional medication, including general anesthesia, all antibiotics and even some antihistamines. She continues to require jaw surgeries, dental surgeries and alternative treatments that are not recognized by Bituach Leumi - and costs must be paid out of pocket. Her family has sold their home to pay for her medical treatments.

On November 20, 2014 she got married. Although her and her husband would like to be independent, they continue to live with her parents as he is scared to take care of her on his own. She is still constantly being hospitalised for different issues. Because of the hospitalisations, she is unable to move on with her life and learn a profession. She is under psychological care and takes anti-depressants. She has also developed epilepsy and has trouble controlling her bladder.

Original SOS

Since starting the new scheme, one of the original recipients has contacted Rev Brodie with a request for emergency funds as she was in dire straits. A lump sum was sent to her to get her out of her initial situation and we expect given the circumstances to follow that up in the future with a second payment.


We ask you to support this initiative by either setting up a monthly standing order (bank details available from The Shul Office) or sending your donations clearly marked “Stenecourt SOS) in to the Shul office.
We are still collecting donations from the original SOS charity box, bring yours into the office so that it can be emptied. Donation cards are also available from the office and are a nice gift for a Shabbos host and a nice way to mark a Simcha, significant birthday or anniversary in a similar way.

Thank you for your continued support in this important Mitzvah

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