Robert Marks


Robert was born and raised in Manchester, growing up just a stones’ throw away from Stenecourt.  From a young age, he showed an interest in singing and music, joining school choirs and learning a number of musical instruments throughout his teenage years. This developed into a keen awareness of synagogue and liturgical music, infused with tunes and songs picked up over many years of attending Stenecourt.

Robert began vocal training aged 15, and has had the privilege of studying under and learning from some of the greatest Chazanim of the age, including Yechezkel Klang, Josef Malovany, Asher Hainovitz and Eli Jaffe. After returning from yeshiva, Robert began davening from the amud in Stenecourt at the age of 21.

Since graduating from university, Robert took up the full-time position of Director of Leeds Jewish Orthodox Youth, but returns every few weeks to lead the shul services on Shabbos and Yom Tov.

At the age of 23, Robert was invited to lead the community’s Yom Ha’Atzmaut service, and has done so ever since. In a similar manner, he enjoys leading shul services where each member of the congregation feels included and is able to join in.

“The Rabbi brings the word of Hashem to the people, but the Chazan takes the word of the people to Hashem.” This guiding principle is the cornerstone of the way Robert attempts to lead shul services, mixing traditional, time-honoured tunes with more contemporary music, allowing all those present to join in and feel part of the service.

Robert is regularly asked to sing at weddings and communal events and is delighted to be continuing a relationship with Stenecourt that began over 20 years ago.

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Mon, 26/06/17 | 2 Tammuz 5777

 Shabbat Korach

Shabbat begins at 9:27pm

Candle lighting is between 7:56 pm and 8:05 pm

Shabbat ends 11:00 pm





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On Thursday 21st July, by an overwhelming majority, the shul agreed to go ahead with the proposed refurbishment.

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1. If you are using your garden on Shabbos ,and want to carry out food furniture toys from the house etc, you must make sure the garden is properly enclosed. Just because it is a private garden does not mean that it is Halachically a “private area” “RESHUS HAYOCHID”. If you are not sure seek competent advice on the issue

2. Climbing up/ on trees or use of a tree house is not permitted on Shabbos.

3. Take care when carrying drinks not to spill any on the soil or grass.