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Twiddle Mitts

The first of the Twiddle Mitts were delivered to Newlands.  We have been asked to make more for other residents. If anybody can use a sewing machine ....please come along and help with this great project.


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Special Delivery

Stenecourt Stitchers are pleased to announce the safe delivery of the first parcel of baby clothes to the Neonatal Unit at St Mary's hospital. The staff were delighted with our efforts....but more hats and cardigans are still needed...please get out your knitting needles. For more details...and photos...please see the notice board in the foyer.

Mon, 26/06/17 | 2 Tammuz 5777

 Shabbat Korach

Shabbat begins at 9:27pm

Candle lighting is between 7:56 pm and 8:05 pm

Shabbat ends 11:00 pm





Latest news


On Thursday 21st July, by an overwhelming majority, the shul agreed to go ahead with the proposed refurbishment.

Thought of the Week - Rev. Brodie

Thought for the Week - Shelach Lecha

 24 But My servant Calev, because he had another spirit within him, and has followed Me fully, him will I bring into the land where he went; and his children shall possess it...

Table Talk - Rabbi Rubenstein

TABLE TALK - Parshayot Nitzavim-Vayelech 5770

I hope the ideas contained below, will provide you with some topics for discussion, at your Shabbos table.

Weekly Halocha - Rabbi Simmonds


1. If you are using your garden on Shabbos ,and want to carry out food furniture toys from the house etc, you must make sure the garden is properly enclosed. Just because it is a private garden does not mean that it is Halachically a “private area” “RESHUS HAYOCHID”. If you are not sure seek competent advice on the issue

2. Climbing up/ on trees or use of a tree house is not permitted on Shabbos.

3. Take care when carrying drinks not to spill any on the soil or grass.