Poems by Marga Brodie


Meditation by Marga Brodie

Wrapped in his Tallis, he prepares to pray
Grant me Hashem Kavonoh in what I say.
To stand before the Al-ty King
Through Tefilla to You our devotion we bring.
We never cease asking – please give us a Berocho.
Let our endeavours be blessed with Hatzlocho.
By what right do we have, oh Father above
To constantly trouble you, were it not for Your love.
We are weak, we are small, and so very frail
We want to be perfect and yet we fail.
Do we take advantage because we know you are forgiving
You guard us from harm, help us with living.
And as he is wrapped in his Tallis so tight
His heart is at peace, his spirit is light
The world’s far away as gently he is swaying
Alone with his G-d, a Jew is praying


Pandemonium by Marga Brodie

Pandemonium has broken out
Behind our local brewery
Skinheads are fighting bovver-boys
With hatred and with fury.
Whatever is it all about?
When one lout fights another lout,
Are they then born with this trait
To know no love but only hate,
Or would it be that homes today
Are no more run the loving way
Where once together all sat for a meal
They got this special family feel
And mothers and fathers were happy to hear
Their children’s questions, their children’s fear.
Today it is a different life
When most mothers are not a wife
When siblings not the same father share
And know not the meaning of parental care.
The telly has taken over those cosy chats
They once used to have with mums and dads,
Where will it lead to, where is the end
When drugs and drinks are a fashion trend
When violence disrespect and affray
Are the A-levels of today
If there is any hope for human kind
There has to be a drastic change of mind.


Elul by Marga Brodie

Is it really eleven months ago
When last we heard the Shofar blow,
To wake us up, to make us fear,
Call us to Teshuvah – Elul is here.
We had so many good intentions
Far too numerous to mention,
We’ll be more careful of what we are saying
And add more Kavonoh when we are praying,
Smile at the Meshulach when he comes on his quest
And make him feel an honoured guest.
We are given this month as a gift from above
To show us Hashem’s fatherly love.
When we hear the Shofar we must not forget
But no need to hurry, it’s a whole month yet.
No time for reflection, so much to do
But what we have promised was meant to be true.
Before we turn round ‘Rosh Hashanoh’ has been
We davened and davened, but is our slate clean?
Ovinu Malkenu, we cried with our heart
Please Father fogive if from your path we did depart
Shema Kolenu we earnestly plead
Hear our Tefila we entreat
For Oleynu on our knees we fall
Acknowledging Hashem the Master of all.
We prayed for Parnoso, for Sholom, for life,
The end of all killing, the end of all strife.
We don’t hear the Shofar now, at the start of the day
Don’t feel the same ardour try as we may,
We hope our pledges were not in vain,
Remember it is only eleven months till it’s Elul again.


The Wedding by Marga Brodie


Has the big day arrived at last
or is it all a dream
when first we started to plan and plan
from food to colour-sheme.
As every mother of a bride
will quickly need to learn
leave notes and notes and further notes
at every twist and turn.
Another list has to be made
whom shall we invite
not too many for the groom
we need more for the bride.
We suddenly remember
aunts and uncles galore,
some we have not seen for years
some hardly met before.
Must we ask Joe and Auntie Bee
would hardly call them family,
then there is Bessie so plagued by gout
will she be hurt if she’s left out.
There is a lovely shop in The Square
they call it “All-in-White”
they specialise in bridesmaids’ wear
and heavenly gowns for the bride.
For me I do know what I need
a dress to make me look slim,
with lots of shining glittering beads
and a hat with a feathery brim.
Book the Shool, book the Hall
the flowers will be pink,
the caterer’s menu has been picked
be sure to order the drink.
Now for the father of the bride
I can see trouble brewing,
as all we hear from him day and night,
this is financial ruin!
But how his chest will swell with pride
when with the Callah by his side
he prays, Hashem please bless this pair
let them be happy for many a year.
All went of well, the food was great
we danced and danced till it was late.
The speakers excelled, especially the Rov
who wished them Mazel from heaven above
the groom gave a Dvar Torah as befits a learned man
and nobody complained over the seating-plan.

So another faithful home will be built
To keep our People alive,
thereby our destine by fulfilled
by a young Jewish husband and wife.


The Tree by Marga Brodie

A man planted a sapling in the middle of a field
“grow up tree and much bessing may you yield”.
As the years went by the tree grew tall
and proved a blessing to one and all.
How green your leaves, how strong your trunk
deep in the soul your roots have sunk
now you are a haven for birds in their nest
and the squirrel too in you finds rest
your branches reach out to embrace the sky
a feeling of awe, a feat for the eye.
At midday when the sun is hot
your shade the reapers request
refreshed by food and cooling drink
for this the tree be blest.
The man who so lovingly put you into the ground
did he realise how much pleasure would be found
from such a simple, easy task
the blessing spread forth for which he did ask.

With a friendly smile, a kindly word
A sapling we can also sow
To bring happiness into a fellowman’s heart.
This too will grow and grow.


Elul by Marga Brodie

Mon, 26/06/17 | 2 Tammuz 5777

 Shabbat Korach

Shabbat begins at 9:27pm

Candle lighting is between 7:56 pm and 8:05 pm

Shabbat ends 11:00 pm





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2. Climbing up/ on trees or use of a tree house is not permitted on Shabbos.

3. Take care when carrying drinks not to spill any on the soil or grass.