Reflection on the passing of Rebbetzen Ruthie Rubinstein - Re'eh 5775


It is with profound sadness and regret that we think this week of the passing of Rebbetzen Ruthie Rubinstein.

It is Shabbos today as well as Rosh Chodesh and therefore it is not correct to say a Hesped. The last thing Rebbetzen Rubinstein would have wanted was for us to break the Halacha, she was a person who had the deepest commitment to Halacha.

I sought some halachic advice yesterday and it is permitted and appropriate to say a dvar torah and then use this to make a personal reflection.

In the sedra we have just read, we are told of the idea “see I have placed before you the blessing and the curse, if you listen to the commandments of G-d there is blessing and if you do not, the opposite.”

This choice, between right and wrong was later, upon entry to Israel, made into a visual image, when the tribes divided and half stood on Mount Gerizim and the other on Mount Eival. The former, depicting the blessing, was verdant and green, the latter representing the curse, was bare and rough.

The blessings and curses were read, and the people understood and made their collective and individual commitments.

There was a clear, visually depicted, choice between good and bad, between right and wrong.

Rebbetzen Rubinstein had many outstanding qualities, inter alia, wisdom, refinement, modesty and kindness, but as I have said this is not a hesped. This thought from the sedra is a perfect platform to recall, from a personal perspective, one aspect of her life.

The ability to see and discern the difference between right and wrong and guide other people to making that distinction is, something I and I believe all of us, can learn from her life and work, over many years, to this merged kehilla and to the previous kehilla of Central North Manchester and indeed far beyond.

Many of you knew her better than I did, but I can recall several occasions she was able to guide us to see where something was right and appropriate for the kehilla and when it was not.

The boundaries of right and wrong are often confused in our generation and it takes special people to be able to clearly see this, and even greater sagacity and sensitivity to communicate this to others.

By beautifully conveying these values, she was able to help create and reinforce the eternal bond between the Jewish People and The Torah.

We are extremely grateful to her for all that she did for our kehilla.

May Hashem grant Rabbi Rubinstein and all the family nechama and may they only know simchas in the future.

Rabbi Benjy Simmonds. Stenecourt. Shabbat Reeh. Rosh Chodesh Elul 5775


Mon, 26/06/17 | 2 Tammuz 5777

 Shabbat Korach

Shabbat begins at 9:27pm

Candle lighting is between 7:56 pm and 8:05 pm

Shabbat ends 11:00 pm





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